underground ARTspace (gallery+retail+studios)

FINALLY after a mammoth effort to seperate the entities, and give the ARTspace the Attention is deserves, and stop all the confusion about who and what and where – we’re here to explain…
Either read below OR be redirected to the NEW undergroundartspace.com website for all things new and exciting from the team. We have so many wonderful creatives, from painters, to jewellers, textile Artists, authors – if it’s creative, we’ll support it.


Simply, a space for the creative arts.
A destination/location/platform set up by Kere M Baker of Red Olive Studios (retail and design). In an effort to provide affordable Studio and Exhibition space, somewhere for local creatives to, well, create…the underground ARTspace was founded.
Initially ARTspace flew under the Red Olive Studios banner, however the ARTspace itself has been the core of it all, the constant and become a wonderful community entity in its own rights.  Now,  Kere herself rents a studio space within the ARTspace, a place to just paint, reflect, and plan a hopeful journey.
Our goals and plans for the New Year are to continue to educate, create and work together to encourage lots of opportunities and different perspectives. There’s no ‘i’ in team down there, and we enjoy a laugh, so cringey statements are a must!

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