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Hey y’all,
Hope this finds you all well and wonderful – rested and refreshed (hahaha) from the school holidays. Seriously though, it’s been germ central in the Northern Beaches, not sure about the rest of Sydney – but I’m looking forward to some good cleansing rain to chase the bugs and cleanse our spirits!
We have a few things happening that might interest you!
  • Rachel Carrol class begins TONIGHT term 3
Rachel’s incredibly inspiring classes begin for a third tern this evening and there are a couple of spots still available. Beginners and beyond, Rachel has a way of melding her classes so that everyone get’s something extraordinary from them. Classes are run in 4 weeks blocks and only $150.00 per term. Contact Rach ASAP if you want to join in.
Rachel: 0423 982 349

  • Integrative Yoga with Zoe
Starting May 5th from 9.30-11am. Classes are filling up for this amazing 8 week course. We’re really exciting to be hosting these. More info on the flyer. Hope to see you there!
Zoe: 0404 060 858
  • Loobylou – Finders Keepers Fri 6th – Saturday 7th June
We are beyond thrilled that Loobylou candles have been invited back to Finders Keepers in June. It’s truly an honour to showcase something we’ve worked so very hard on and believe in so much, in such an exciting and dynamic forum. We’re surrounded by such talent and workmanship with Finders Keepers and can’t wait! I plan to get ahead of Christmas shopping (for a change) this year, and what a one stop shop that will be!
Also, we have a new retailer. Lakota Trading at 12 Lenthall Street, Kensignton. Lakota carries our entire 250ml range of candles amongst vintage wares, industrial antiques and the kicker – GREAT coffee.
  • Kid’s Art Classes / Lessons
I’m putting together a few classes for the next school holidays between myself and hopefully a couple of other locals creatives. If you’re interested let me know ASAP for first dibs on spaces. We run small classes so that your little folks can get as much out of them, and have heaps of time for exploration and experimentation as they can get.
Further to this, one of our wonderful ARTspace crew, Dawn is putting together a course for regular Art classes starting soon for after school. As above, let us know if you’re interested so you can get the information first.
We try to cater to the needs of the community as best we can and the whole aim of the ARTspace is to be an accessible, affordable safe creative space. If YOU have any ideas of courses/classes/Exhibitions you think we should be running, please let us know! Feedback is how we’ll grow.
Colourful days to you.
x Kere x

LIVE – Images from Chromesthesia… Be part of the Exhibition ONLINE as it happens!!

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As the Worm Turns – Faith No More

“Through their hollow tombs I can see them, through their mouths

I can hear them praying for pain. It’s only a game.”



Caffeine – Faith No More
“The world expects the pose, perfectly natural (loosen up).  Smearing wet concrete, and swearing you’ll never be…(caught).  At your weakest, etched in stone.  And we’re frozen here peaking.”


Daniel – Lior
“Outside it’s overcast, and visions hard to find, but the memories will be my guide.  ‘Cause even though I know our skins have changed, colours that we share, they still remain.”



Dear Mr President – P!NK  
“How can you say, no child is left behind.  We’re not dumb and we’re not blind.    They’re all sitting in your cells.  While you pave the road to hell.”


Fade to Black – Metallica
“Growing darkness taking dawn. I was me, but now he’s gone.  No one but me, can save myself, but it’s too late.  Now I can’t think, think why I should even try.”


Fast Car – Tracey Chapman

“I remember when we were driving, driving in your car – speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us, and your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder. And I, had a feeling that I belonged.

And I, had a feeling I could be someone.”



Forgive Me – Missy Higgins
“All, all, all of my light is for you. An home, home’s anywhere you are too. So take this one fallen man on his knees. Saying please, forgive me. “


 Hard to Concentrate – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Do you want me to show up for duty, and serve this woman and honour her beauty? And finally you have found someone perfect, and finally youhave found yourself, with me.”


Heading West – Cyndi Lauper 
“And I’m heading west, without a sad goodbye. And I’m heading west, I’m  like a letter with no address; just like a book I read I’m heading west.”


I Could Have Lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“A mountain never seems to have the need to speak, a look that shares so many seek. The sweetest feeling I got from you, the things I said to you were true.”



Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
“And it took so long just to feel alright.  Remember how to put back the light in my eyes. I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed,  ’cause you broke all your promises. And now you’re back, you don’t get to get me back.”


Letter to Hermione – David Bowie
“But something tells me that you hide, when all the world is warm and tired. You cry a little in the dark – well so do I.   I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to say, but I can see it’s not ok.”



Nitemare Hippy Girl – Beck
“She’s a nightmare hippy girl, with her skinny fingers fondling my world. She’s a whimsical tragical beauty. Uptight and a little bit snooty.”


One Crowded Hour – Augie March
“Now should you expect to see something that you hadn’t seen, in somebody you’ve know since you were sixteen;  and if love is a bolt from the blue – then what is that love, but a glorified screw? And that doesn’t hold nothing together.”



Phoenix Rising – Annihilator
“Wings on fire, tearing into the night. Screaming into the light of another day. Carry me, out of the hurricane.  Into the smoke and flames, and we’ll fly away.


Redemption Song – Bob Marley
“But my hand was made strong, by the hand of the Almighty.  We forward in this generation, triumphantly.”


Return to Serenity – Testament
“This innocent beauty my words can’t describe. This rebirth to purity brings a sullen tear right to your eyes. No time for anger, no time for despair. Please let me take you, cause I’m already there.”



Same Love – Macklemore + Ryan Lewis
“Live on, and be yourself! When I was at church they taught me something else. If you preach hate at the service, those words aren’t anointed. The holy water that you soak in has been poisoned.”


 Settle for Nothing – Rage against the Machine
“A world of violent rage, but it’s one that I can recognise. Having never seen the colour of my Fathers eyes.  Yes, I dwell in hell, but it’s a hell that I can grip. I tried to grip my family, but I slipped.”



Shattered – Casey Donovan
“And I’m Shattered – I’m not broken enough to bleed.  And I’m Shattered – I was blind but now I see. And it hurts like hell, but you are not the end of me.”


Soul to Squeeze – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“It’s bitter baby and it’s very sweet. I’m on a rollercoaster but I’m on my feet. Take me to the river let me on your shore. I’ll be coming back baby, I’ll be coming back for more.”


Space Oddity – David Bowie
“Though I’m past one hundred thosand miles, I’m feeling very still.  And I think my spaceship knows which way to go. Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”



Suddenly – Cam Tapp
“It’s every wrong that you wanted to right. It’s every star holding up the night.  It’s every song that you wanted to sing. It’s every gift that you wanted to bring.  Suddenly”


The Past Recedes – John Frusciante
“I lied to the greatest thieves about anything and everything.  I’m a figure of forgotten speech, I’m out of reach.  I can’t play it safe, but I might just incase.”


Sound of White – Missy Higgins
“If things get real for me down here, promise to take me to before you went away – if only for a day. If things get real for me down here, promise to take me back to the tune we played, before you went away.”


They Weren’t There – Missy Higgins
“You sighed and I was lost in you, weeks could’ve passed for all I knew.     You were the blanket of the over world, and so I couldn’t say, I wouldn’t say No. They all said, you’re too young to even know.”


This Love – Pantera
“I’d been the tempting one, stole her from herself. This gift in pain, her pain was life. And sometimes, I feel so sorry – I regret this, the hurting of you.”


This Love – Pantera
“I’d been the tempting one, stole her from herself. This gift in pain, her pain was life. And sometimes, I feel so sorry – I regret this, the hurting of you.”


Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
“Together we can take it to the end of the line. Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time. I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark. We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.”


Uncomfortably Slow – Newton Faulkner
“So don’t take my photograph, ’cause I don’t wanna know how it looks to feel like this.  As cars and people pass, It feels like standing still but I know. I’m just moving uncomfortably slow.”


Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“I drive on her streets ’cause she’s my companion. I walk through her hills ’cause she knows who I am. She sees my good deeds and she kisses me windy, and I never worry. Now that is a lie.”


White Lies  – Paolo Nutini
“Take a chance, watch it fall. Grab too much, and lose it all.  Now I’ve lost my disguise, it was all white lies.”


Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

“Can you tell a green field, from a cold steel rail. A smile from a veil.

Do you think you can tell?”


With or without you – U2
“See the stone set in your eyes, see the thorn twist in your side. I wait for you. Sleight of hand and twist of fate. On a bed of nails she makes me wait. And I wait, without you. With or without you.”

Chromesthesia – The Colour of my Song

Limited edition of 10 prints only


* First editions purchased on opening night $220.00 
Please contact us to see samples, and select preferred framing option

Gabby Malpas – Prints on Canvas

The General Blah, I mean Blog!


“Poppies” by Gabby Malpas

As you know, Adrian and I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty incredibly Artists since we made the big foray in to both retail and Gallery life. Among them, we discovered Gabby Malpas who first showed with the underground ARTspace in 2010, and has remained a loyal Artist and firm friend ever since.

Gabby’s unique style isas breathtaking as the quality of her work, her presentations – and her rich vibrant colours are as huge as her personality.

Gabby has a fantastic website which you should certainly check out, and has recently (after a long long time researching, sampling and working to get the right supplier both in ethics and quality) released her line of Cotton Canvas Prints. Not only are they fabulous – the price is simply extraordinary. You can’t afford to miss this!

The image attached is the one we will be purchasing for our daughter Lanya’s Christmas or Birthday. We have long since made it a point to buy Lanya things of substance as opposed to plastic bits and bobs that ultimately end up in landfill.  Let’s face it, to my (very biased) mind Art heads that category…We are blessed to have a child that agrees, and appreciates Art as we do.

The following is taken from Gabby’s website:

At present I am offering three sizes:

A2 – 40cm x 60cm = $100.00AU
A1 – 60cm x 84cm = $200AU
A0 – 84cm x 119cm = $300.00AU

Each print is produced in waterproof oil-based inks on cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame.  I have chosen the materials for their natural feel (cotton, rather than nylon), and for their durability.  Please keep artworks out of direct sunlight so ensure the colours stay bright for many years.

Below is a small selection of works I have available as prints on canvas.  Nearly every work I have produced can be printed – if you see something you like, please get in touch.

Please also be aware that as this item is produced overseas there will be a lead time of a few weeks if I do not have one already in stock.


SAVE THE DATE – Saturday 21st September “Chromesthesia – The Colour of my Song”

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You saw it here first folks! My first solo in years, and my first entire Exhibition playing with photography…Nervous, excited…Aggghhhhhh xxx



TURNER FROM THE TATE – the making of a master

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I had to share this with you, so inspired and excited am I by our recent little escapade to Canberra. A random last minute trip, but I didn’t hesitate, knowing it was a chance to see this Exhibition. My good friend and photographer Cade Turner is an HUGE fan of Turners work (if you ask me, a modern day reincarnation using a different medium – but Cade love is another blog for another day) and he raved about it.

I’m not hugely familiar with J.M.W Turner, but what little I did know included that the man was a master of light. That’s a pretty big call, not always true when people say it – but in this case, it’s the understatement of the century. I’m not going to waffle on too much (for a change), but simply share one of the first things that happened as we entered the Exhibition , and a few of my favourite images. (As an aside, I couldn’t believe how many people there were taking photographs, but mine are a bit crap as I still felt like a naughty school kid with a contraband iPhone!) Ok, so we walk in – and I was immediately struck by the depth of one piece – the light (obv.) the moodiness, the technique….and then my daughter Lanya (age 11) says to me, “Wow Mum, that painting is only a few years after Australia was ‘discovered.’

And it took my breath away, made me open my eyes in a completely different and proofed way. She was right, these pieces were beyond our accepted definition here of ‘historical.’ I wasn’t even a twinkle in the eye of my Great great great greats … you get me? It was a snapshot of how I imagine I’ll feel when I walk the ground of Chartres Cathedral, or feel the Mayan ruins. We think we’re so clever with our savvy technology and our ‘innivative’ techniques and materials. We’re simply re-runs of a long long line before us…The collective consciousness of Creativity I often waffle about…here was a lynch pin among it.

Anywho, I digress and I waffle – I’ve made a career of it, but I will go and share my images with you. I was going to write a bit about each piece, what it meant, how I felt – but I won’t. I’ll let you have your own experience. Hopefully I’ve shared enough that you will want to see if for yourself. Do go if you get a chance. I’ll be posting soon about the trip to the National Portrait Gallery – it’s worthy of it’s own post..













About the exhibition (THE OFFICIAL STUFF)


J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851) is one of Britain’s greatest artists, a key figure of the Romantic generation. He is celebrated as a highly modern painter, his work much admired for its experimental character.

Turner’s paintings and watercolours are highly coveted by museums and collectors, and widely dispersed internationally. Only at the Tate can we gain a full sense of Turner’s aims and achievements. The artist’s gift to the British nation was originally limited to the finished paintings exhibited in his lifetime, many of which he retained or re-acquired with a view to his donation to the national collection. The larger settlement, after the artist’s death, meant these paintings were supplemented by the contents of his house and studio.

Turner from the Tate reflects the diversity of this unique collection. It provides a comprehensive overview of Turner and his artistic development, while offering extraordinary insights into his working life and practices. The exhibition consists of 40 oils complemented by 70 works on paper, from large watercolours to intimate sketches. Elsewhere in the exhibition we see how Turner set himself up as the heir to the European landscape tradition. Featuring remarkable paintings of Turner’s late career including the exquisite Venice, the Bridge of Sighs 1840, the exhibition culminates with powerful seascapes.

As well as many of Turner’s most famous paintings, Turner from the Tate highlights works never shown previously. The exhibition offers fresh perspectives on an artist who was valued as a master in his own time and whose impact was felt as far away as Australia.

Turner from the Tate: The Making of a Master is organised by Tate in association with Art Exhibitions Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia and National Gallery of Australia.


What I am now I’m a grown up (with a side serve of super cheesy)

The General Blah, I mean Blog!

This week a creative mate posted a status on FB looking for women working in a creative/arts field within certain perimeters for a potential mag interview with a well known rag. Nothing to lose, I put myself forward. Basically he asked me to provide a brief description of what it was that I did.

Uh oh.

What the?

Put a name on it?

Now, what is it I’m trying to be now I’m (just) a grown up…

Here’s what I came up with. So much cheese I wasn’t sure if I wanted to slap my own face, or hire me Stat. Amusing none the less. What do you guys think?

“Sometimes people know what they want and like, but often don’t quite know how to pull it all together. This can vary from major space planning, interior and retail styling, to the commissioning and even creation of a customised Artwork.

This is where I come in…’the creative coordinator’ or somewhat of an Artistic Director who helps you turn the space you have, into a space you love..”

x me

Our Christmas Gift to YOU. x

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What a year folks, friends, fans and followers.

Lot’s of ups and downs huh! I can’t help but feel blessed (for obvious reasons) and this time of year is a wonderful special time, with all the magic that Christmas, and the promise that a New years always brings. I always love to get my craft on at the time too – and have got some brilliant new ideas planned for our classes starting soon too. One of them, I am sharing with you and hoping to encourage you to have a crack at your inner creator. I printed mine on to A4  recycled paper and used them to wrap small gifts (see image) and chopped them to make labels etc. We then made sticker labels by pasting some images we’d found online onto and Officeworks label, and others by spray painting over simple decorations like bells and snowflakes for something a bit more abstract. Super simple, zappy and best of all, home made! Enjoy 🙂 If you’re reasding this blog – just email me, and I’ll forward you the PDF. 
IMG_0003   IMG_0005  IMG_0006  IMG_0007
I had a brilliant special – 20% of everything, limited time all that jazz, and then realised there was something wrong with the host of our shopping system! Doh. We’re still testing to see if it’s resolved, but I’m honouring the discounts for the rest of the year. Just email me your wish list and I’ll keep the goods aside. Also, for orders over $50, we will gift wrap and make sure they get to you by Christmas by subsiding the difference between the average post to the overnight delivery!

I’ve finished building the underground ARTspace website too. Will be launching in the new year. We’re consciously separating the ARTspace from Red Olive. ARTspace will be all things Art, Art + craft related – a home for Artists Bios, Updates + Info for Classes (also launching soon), ART markets (Rachel is looking at making these a regular occurrence with a few twists!) and online ART sales. Have a sneaky peek if you’re interest, there’s lots of Artists still to upload work – it’s early stages, but I’m happy with how we’re going.

Red Olive Studios:

Red Olive will be purely all things retail and interior design related – all things related to me (Kere) personally, like it was before the ARTspace. Less confusing we think! Also, I’ve started doing graphic stuff, and various other avenues, so Red Olive will eventually return to being my sole trader personal little retail space (which rents a space WITHIN the underground ARTspace). Make sense?
So, as always thanks for sticking with us. Our very very best wishes for health, happiness and hope. During this period and always.
Kere, Adrian, Lanya (and Modi who Lanya tells me is the Red Olive mascot!?!) 

Weekend fast approaching…

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open STUDIOS weekend


It’s nearly time for the Manly Arts Festival + OPEN STUDIOS + where you are invited to see, meet and greet the local Art wildlife in their creative surrounds. It’s such a fun weekend – you meet your favourite Artists – and we get to chat about our obsessions, I mean passions! We have an amazing selection of works for you to see on display in the Gallery too.

New works by: Jessica Watts, Melinda Jordi, Gabby Malpas, Vivianne Hazenveld, Sara Dowse – and even me!

Also, the lovely Mel from ‘the Organic Mamas’ is with us in Studio now and will have a selection of her beautiful organic wares, fabrics and clothing. Mmmm. And if that’s not enough, we have Emma from ‘loobylou’ – a up and coming enviro candle business aiming to bring you incredible scents which are kind to the planet – and NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSES FRAGRANCES!

AND, if you’re that way inclined, while Petra herself won’t be there with her creative magic styling wand, we’ll be happy to assist you having a sneak peak in Petra’s Vintage – if you can get in. Petra’s clothes we deem Gizmo/Gremlins. Aj and I sincerely think she waters and feeds them after midnight at the rate they multiply….

It’s going to be an exciting weekend indeed. We’ll have the jug boiled, plungers at the ready and some snacks and cakes etc. for your browsing pleasure. It’s my first day in the ARTspace since ‘the nightmare’ so I’m all kinds of excited to see you 🙂


the whole kit and caboodle!


The coding for discounting specific items was starting to do my head in, so instead of 25% off handmade goods only – we’re giving you  25% off EVERYTHING in the Red Olive retail store!!! (Reduction does not extend to Art sales, Organic Mama, Petras Vintage or LoobyLou wares as they’re independent crafts people). Simply tell us you’ve read about this offer via this email on the day OR buy online using the code MANLYARTSFESTIVAL and the discounts are calculated automatically on the website.

AND because we’re so thrilled to be in an area which supports it’s Artists and crafts people – we’ve  decided to donate a percentage of all sales for the duration to the Manly Environment Centre. We live in the most beautiful place on Earth, and this is a small way of saying thanks to the team that keep it so! Sales (in shop and online) is valid until September 30th – but some stocks limited SO MOVE FAST!!!

2x  Super  Studios



We currently have TWO studios avail. One small, one large. Suitable for various uses – retail, Art studio, office space, holistic therapies…you’re limited only by your imagination. Come along and check them out this weekend. Avail. as soon as you need! Just ask for Kere or Adrian to show you around and give you the details. The ARTspace studios are run not for profit, guaranteeing you the best deal and hopefully the freedom to finally take that next step to following your dreams!

+ MEGA update for Artists!

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Hey fellow Artists, Creatives and more importantly brave souls.I think one of the bravest things is being an Artist – of any kind. You’re exposing a part of yourself so publicly that hell, most people don’t even connect to, let alone try to share. You can’t stop it though can you? Be it any medium – Painting, Writing, Singing – it pushes til it finds it’s way out. That’s why I set up the underground ARTspace. Having not had a very easy time of it generally in my life – this ARTspace journey was about making it easier. The whole thing began after an entire year of looking for studio space after my own creative journey shifted from Interior Design – specialising in colour – Art. My love of colour found me trying to communicate schemes with colour on canvas, which ultimately often ended up as someones (often not mine!) definition of Art. And so we began…I have to admit, I’m an instinctive emotive painter – not a technical one. I do it because I HAVE to. It’s a purge I guess. Even in hospital last year, I found myself drawing over tissue boxes, folding and weaving my medical reports and changing the rooms around with the help from the very amused orderlies. Creative people ARE creative people always. It’s ultimately an expression that needs it’s way out, and our journey I guess is about finding ways to do that.

  •      underground ARTspace – the physical address…     

I remember not long after I moved here, I went with my (then) new boyfriend to a friends place for dinner. After dinner our friend took me downstairs to his Studio – which even in my mind today, was one of the coolest Studios I’d ever seen. I was gobsmacked. Firstly, I didn’t know he was an Artist – and he (hopefully involved in this project I’m slowly leading to) has this incredible way of communicating a specific feeling or emotion in his work. To this day, I’m not sure Ben (and Jane) Saunders really understand how pivotal that night was in my own life, and my own creative journey. To see someone giving themselves not only permission, but creating a space TO BE CREATIVE. It was life changing for me. Ben’s work is still a stand out – and I hope he still allows himself that time and space to create. His Art was the first large pieces I ever bought (it was the very beginning of me buying Art and pretending it was purchased as a gift for Adrian…) so it’s always going to be a special one.

Anyway, I (often) digress. The ARTspace, my happy accident I stumbled upon has become perhaps the best creative step ever taken. It was HUGE. It was EXPENSIVE. It was months and months of HARD WORK. So.. me being me, OF COURSE I had to do it. Could it be? Light, creative space that was mine. Was I finally – I’m talking a good 12 years plus after that night at Ben and Janes – going to give myself permission to create??? It seems I was – me and a lot of others. I figured (well, I hoped, prayed and took a huge gamble) that if I had been searching for over a year, then maybe others were. I’d even gone to the extent of considering hiring a space in a storage facility as I had a bg show looming with big works – and lots of them. (Turns out they are TWICE the price of my biggest studio space – and half the size, with none of the perks and facilities) and there was the ARTspace. So off we (and many incredible others) went…

It’s had the most amazing crew every step of the way, I’ve witnessed some amazing creative journeys – Adrian and I consider it a privilege and an honour. And we believe more and more with every sale that we are not only providing a service for the Artist – that’s a given, but that we are introducing ART in all it’s soulful, colourful, and raw expression into peoples homes and lives. THAT’S why we’ve fought so hard to keep the ARTspace going all this time, through all this heartache, illness and Global financial concern. Because we believe in, and love the ARTspace. When we opened, I used to talk about how it was a place to heal – having no idea how desperately I myself would need it within the years ahead. But, maybe I did, on the level that makes us Artists. Maybe that part of SELF knew?

So now, like a Phoenix – the ARTspace – having opened with more success than we could’ve dreamed will rise again. We’ve primped, cleaned, painted – and we’re ready to show again. Instinctively (as I’ve not heavily promoted the space) the Universe knew. Never before have I received as many enquiries for Solo shows as I have in the past three weeks. We’re ready to show again! We’ve always prided ourselves on being a really flexible space. We’re transparent with our costings (they are broken down into Space Hire – Staffing – Curating – Cleaning) – and reasonable with our time frames. Your shows will be manned by ARTISTS! If not us directly, one of the people within, or heavily involved with the ARTspace. Once we know you well, we even offer the opportunity for you to man your own shows. (Being mindful of all the Studios, and peoples private creative spaces – this is only an option if we know you really well.) Basically – if your work doesn’t sell, we don’t make a profit. It’s not like the old days when Art sold at high prices and often – and I wonder if that’s because there has NEVER been more Artists, and Galleries – the consumer is spoiled??? But I feel like I’m taking the risk with you – and I’m ok with that. I wouldn’t be accepting your show if I didn’t think your work would sell. SO…if you’ve been putting it off – don’t! Email me, come in and see the space – and make a booking!

  •      ARTspace WEBSITE – NEW!!!  

Here’s the simple version…Basically, I want to promote Aus and Nz artists online so there are no gallery fees and the Artist doesn’t have to part with the work – and is free to exhibit elsewhere (  we’ve never bought into the exclusive thing anyway!) I want to get it up and running in next month or two. We’re lucky enough to be a part of the Manly Arts Festival again this year and I really want it full of Art and ready to promote by then. Basically each of you upload your own work as it’s available, and take it off if it sells elsewhere. We will be charging a small annual fee to help with running, marketing and advertising costs etc. On top of the Art avenues, I want to try target design & decoration mags & stuff – affordable ORIGINAL art online type hype. We all know renovating is a growing market – people are becoming more aware Art again. Anyway, the plans are big and plenty. Email me if you’re interested!

  •  Open Studio Weekend 15-16th Sept

It’s a wonderful time to be an Artist in this area, and every year I’m grateful to live in a community that supports its Artists. We will be opening the Studios/Gallery the weekend of the Arts Festival. We will have the works of our Resident Artists and a couple of other favourites, so pop in and say Hi, have a cuppa etc.

So, I shall bid you farewell. Don’t forget to have a sticky at the under construction Artspace website too. You’ll notice the Red Olive website has changed. I kept having issues with the previous hosts, more often than not you would get an error message when emailing me (even when I was getting them) and half the time site was down. Not cool when you’re trying to move the retail side of things online!!!  It’s temporary, but if I do say so, I didn’t do a bad job in a hurry on a site I’ve never used.

So, that’s it for me. Aren’t you glad I don’t write often? Believe it or not, I do try to be short and sweet, alas a long lived failing…

Happy to still be yours, in all my colourful glory!