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As the Worm Turns – Faith No More

“Through their hollow tombs I can see them, through their mouths

I can hear them praying for pain. It’s only a game.”



Caffeine – Faith No More
“The world expects the pose, perfectly natural (loosen up).  Smearing wet concrete, and swearing you’ll never be…(caught).  At your weakest, etched in stone.  And we’re frozen here peaking.”


Daniel – Lior
“Outside it’s overcast, and visions hard to find, but the memories will be my guide.  ‘Cause even though I know our skins have changed, colours that we share, they still remain.”



Dear Mr President – P!NK  
“How can you say, no child is left behind.  We’re not dumb and we’re not blind.    They’re all sitting in your cells.  While you pave the road to hell.”


Fade to Black – Metallica
“Growing darkness taking dawn. I was me, but now he’s gone.  No one but me, can save myself, but it’s too late.  Now I can’t think, think why I should even try.”


Fast Car – Tracey Chapman

“I remember when we were driving, driving in your car – speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us, and your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder. And I, had a feeling that I belonged.

And I, had a feeling I could be someone.”



Forgive Me – Missy Higgins
“All, all, all of my light is for you. An home, home’s anywhere you are too. So take this one fallen man on his knees. Saying please, forgive me. “


 Hard to Concentrate – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Do you want me to show up for duty, and serve this woman and honour her beauty? And finally you have found someone perfect, and finally youhave found yourself, with me.”


Heading West – Cyndi Lauper 
“And I’m heading west, without a sad goodbye. And I’m heading west, I’m  like a letter with no address; just like a book I read I’m heading west.”


I Could Have Lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“A mountain never seems to have the need to speak, a look that shares so many seek. The sweetest feeling I got from you, the things I said to you were true.”



Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
“And it took so long just to feel alright.  Remember how to put back the light in my eyes. I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed,  ’cause you broke all your promises. And now you’re back, you don’t get to get me back.”


Letter to Hermione – David Bowie
“But something tells me that you hide, when all the world is warm and tired. You cry a little in the dark – well so do I.   I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to say, but I can see it’s not ok.”



Nitemare Hippy Girl – Beck
“She’s a nightmare hippy girl, with her skinny fingers fondling my world. She’s a whimsical tragical beauty. Uptight and a little bit snooty.”


One Crowded Hour – Augie March
“Now should you expect to see something that you hadn’t seen, in somebody you’ve know since you were sixteen;  and if love is a bolt from the blue – then what is that love, but a glorified screw? And that doesn’t hold nothing together.”



Phoenix Rising – Annihilator
“Wings on fire, tearing into the night. Screaming into the light of another day. Carry me, out of the hurricane.  Into the smoke and flames, and we’ll fly away.


Redemption Song – Bob Marley
“But my hand was made strong, by the hand of the Almighty.  We forward in this generation, triumphantly.”


Return to Serenity – Testament
“This innocent beauty my words can’t describe. This rebirth to purity brings a sullen tear right to your eyes. No time for anger, no time for despair. Please let me take you, cause I’m already there.”



Same Love – Macklemore + Ryan Lewis
“Live on, and be yourself! When I was at church they taught me something else. If you preach hate at the service, those words aren’t anointed. The holy water that you soak in has been poisoned.”


 Settle for Nothing – Rage against the Machine
“A world of violent rage, but it’s one that I can recognise. Having never seen the colour of my Fathers eyes.  Yes, I dwell in hell, but it’s a hell that I can grip. I tried to grip my family, but I slipped.”



Shattered – Casey Donovan
“And I’m Shattered – I’m not broken enough to bleed.  And I’m Shattered – I was blind but now I see. And it hurts like hell, but you are not the end of me.”


Soul to Squeeze – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“It’s bitter baby and it’s very sweet. I’m on a rollercoaster but I’m on my feet. Take me to the river let me on your shore. I’ll be coming back baby, I’ll be coming back for more.”


Space Oddity – David Bowie
“Though I’m past one hundred thosand miles, I’m feeling very still.  And I think my spaceship knows which way to go. Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”



Suddenly – Cam Tapp
“It’s every wrong that you wanted to right. It’s every star holding up the night.  It’s every song that you wanted to sing. It’s every gift that you wanted to bring.  Suddenly”


The Past Recedes – John Frusciante
“I lied to the greatest thieves about anything and everything.  I’m a figure of forgotten speech, I’m out of reach.  I can’t play it safe, but I might just incase.”


Sound of White – Missy Higgins
“If things get real for me down here, promise to take me to before you went away – if only for a day. If things get real for me down here, promise to take me back to the tune we played, before you went away.”


They Weren’t There – Missy Higgins
“You sighed and I was lost in you, weeks could’ve passed for all I knew.     You were the blanket of the over world, and so I couldn’t say, I wouldn’t say No. They all said, you’re too young to even know.”


This Love – Pantera
“I’d been the tempting one, stole her from herself. This gift in pain, her pain was life. And sometimes, I feel so sorry – I regret this, the hurting of you.”


This Love – Pantera
“I’d been the tempting one, stole her from herself. This gift in pain, her pain was life. And sometimes, I feel so sorry – I regret this, the hurting of you.”


Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
“Together we can take it to the end of the line. Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time. I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark. We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.”


Uncomfortably Slow – Newton Faulkner
“So don’t take my photograph, ’cause I don’t wanna know how it looks to feel like this.  As cars and people pass, It feels like standing still but I know. I’m just moving uncomfortably slow.”


Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“I drive on her streets ’cause she’s my companion. I walk through her hills ’cause she knows who I am. She sees my good deeds and she kisses me windy, and I never worry. Now that is a lie.”


White Lies  – Paolo Nutini
“Take a chance, watch it fall. Grab too much, and lose it all.  Now I’ve lost my disguise, it was all white lies.”


Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

“Can you tell a green field, from a cold steel rail. A smile from a veil.

Do you think you can tell?”


With or without you – U2
“See the stone set in your eyes, see the thorn twist in your side. I wait for you. Sleight of hand and twist of fate. On a bed of nails she makes me wait. And I wait, without you. With or without you.”

Chromesthesia – The Colour of my Song

Limited edition of 10 prints only


* First editions purchased on opening night $220.00 
Please contact us to see samples, and select preferred framing option

SAVE THE DATE – Saturday 21st September “Chromesthesia – The Colour of my Song”

You saw it here first folks! My first solo in years, and my first entire Exhibition playing with photography…Nervous, excited…Aggghhhhhh xxx




You didn’t REALLY think by winding up the retail space, I’d lay low did you?

Some of you are aware of this, others will be hearing for the first time now! My kid and I have been getting our creative and colour on, and have come up with ‘louie & I’ handmade and homemade jewellery.

The idea kind of cemented itself when she didn’t get in to Mosman High – as a distraction, and a reminder that she was a valid creative kid and her ideas were pretty fab! I’m pretty stoked with our results so far… Hope you enjoy browsing our Etsy shop 🙂 

THANK YOU for browsing, and remember you are not just supporting Handmade, or even Homemade; you are supporting family – and that’s kind of cool on any level.

There are no corporations or entities here – simply a Mum and her girl trying to live a hardworking, creative life. Thanks for continuing to make that possible, and believing WE CAN DO IT.

Live your dreams 🙂





Howdy Peeps,
I hope you’ve had a marvellous Easter break filled with all the important stuff. We hightailed it to Jambaroo, so there was laughter a’plenty between freak storms of course!

I always thought that if a time came where I sent an email of this nature, I would do so with a heavy heart. Though it is in fact possibly long overdue and maybe even expected, it’s with lightness and vigour I write to you about the winding up of all things retail. As you know the last 2 years have been … confronting for me to say the least, and something had to give. With a keen eye, I’ve been paying attention to all the hats I’m wearing, and balls I’m juggling (no, don’t be rude!) and something had to be shifted. Lately going to the ARTspace has felt a little like being pulled from 4 different directions. It’s 2 years with Easter weekend to when I first “checked in” at RNS Hospital, and stayed there for 5.5 months of that year. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what’s important to me, and the kind of future I want to create. In deciding, I threw it all up in the air, and it landed like this…

1) ARTspace itself, the studios, Gallery, my return to Art+Craft classes (for young + old). The ARTspace makes my heart sing, it always has. I want it to return to a place that inspires, not overwhelms me. I want to facilitate creativity again, play, learn, be reminded of the joy of being creative. I went to the Talhouse-Lautrec Exhibition recently in Canberra, and Lanya asked me why I always cry in Galleries (this time it was a Monet that started the tears). I explained that these people made it possible for me, my peers, my buyers – they gave us permission to set free that part of us that can’t help but create.
2) My own Art + Design stuff, which is constantly on the back burner to everything else. I miss painting, the smell, the texture, the sense of oneness it’s always been for me. I really am un-settled by this very long period of paint free clothing. I don’t think its a long term ‘look’ for me. And I miss you guys! I miss Exhibiting, and I miss Decorating. I’d like to be back on the road soon. I love taking your forgotten treasures and making them stars again. I love changing your spaces from being something you reside in, to something you ‘live’ in, with your favourite memories around you, somewhere you show love, entertain – or work for my old Commercial clients…whatever that case is. To me Design/Decorating was always all about making a space synonymous with its intended use…I see more value in that than ever having been stuck in mine for 2 years, let me assure you! I have a Solo Exhibitioned planned in my head, and I can’t WAIT.
3) Loobylou – the candle biz. I’m loving it! Emma and I have created something really special and it deserves more of us. We’ve begun retailing, selling online – and are really enjoying the ride. It’s nice being at this end of the production line, the creating side of it, rather than the selling of someone else’s creativity. It just makes sense to me, and to be creating something unique in a market that seems to be filled with sameness, and something we’re truly proud is a nice feeling. I have the first candle we ever poured on Jan 15th 2012 in a special nook in loobylou HQ. It’s a wonderful reminder, that big old Moccona Jar of how far we’ve come (and also how AWESOME our wax and oils are, you’d seriously think it was poured this week it’s so fresh!)
4) That leaves Red Olive – the retail side of things. I set up the shopfront initially more as a platform to meet your fine selves, and a billboard for Interior Design stuff when I first moved to the area. I’d gone from being a busy retailer and decorator in the Inner West to being a stranger on your shores. And what made perfect sense then, doesn’t really anymore. The shop became an entity unto itself, and almost got in the way of design and Art, and it wasn’t supposed to be that way, so… I’m taking the reins back.
The Retail side of Red Olive has got to go. It makes the most sense. It brings me the most peace. For 4 weeks following Easter, we will be there from 10-3pm, Fridays and Saturdays. EVERYTHING MUST GO. We have some interest in the space already by a pretty spectacular Artist we’d be thrilled to offer a space to. Everything will be 50%+ which for a lot of products it’s MUCH LESS than wholesale as for many things we’ve sold at below retail, and they’re already reduced. Some jewellery now if about 80% less than RRP. Essentially, I’m paying you to help me take it away… so go on, stock up. Go Christmas shopping. You know how I feel about being super organised – there’s no such thing as being ‘too organised.’ My old work colleagues will have a little chuckle here – I was WORSE in the corporate office Insurance days…
Sales will extend online, but do keep in mind we will be updating the online shopping platform as fast as we can, but be aware of the odd occasion where something may sell minutes before you try to buy it online and still show as being available. In the situation you REALLY want something, I would possibly call or email in this situation as I have a feeling these weekends are going to be bonkers. But weekday online sales are a good way to stock up on your favourite ranges while you still can, at prices unheard of! I’ve still got a little Jaye Niemi, Aunty Cookie, Have you met miss Jones, some Outliving, and lots and lots of vintage and even more jewellery! Because it’s a US dollar site, I’ve reduced everything 40%. The extra 10% will come from exchange rates, and often better off for you. Plus this way there’s paypal and Credit card as an option, whereas instore it’s cash only, or direct deposit for larger/bulk purchases (or paypal in store).
So, like the very talented Artist Videographer, Marijose Cruz likened this to last week, was a personal renovation. We all need to renovate our lives and souls, and this is me working on mine. Rather than juggling many things badly – I’ll do less of them and be great at them. Red Olive will still exist, but it reverts to being the Design + Art + Curating Business it used to be, with the odd personally custom made and created item or two…
So tell your friends. These prices will be unheard of, insane, and for a limited time only. We have to move out of the space at the end of April, so let’s get cracking!
Creating I shall go… Watch this (evolving not ending) space xxx

Fab Feb + the Fire Snakes…

Long time no hear folks – I hope you all had a wonderful colourful Christmas and New Years.

 We’re in the Chinese year of the snake again – a BIG year for creativity and learning of all kinds. I can’t wait to see what amazing works will be created this year. Interestingly my daughter and I are not only both Snakes, we’re both Fire Snakes at that! Has always made for an ‘interesting’ family dynamic…And Valentines Day Thursday. I’m always amused by peoples take on Valentines and I find a lot of people for or against. I’m Pro-Valentine. I kind of think it’s nice to have a day where you pause, be grateful and appreciate your loved ones.


Lot’s of building and learning and planning from this end last year. A year of working out what to focus on, and what ideas to let go of. Often people think it’s wonderful having a head full of ides – but in can actually be a pain in the butt at times. We’re almost at max. again in the ARTspace which is nice. Lot’s of wonderful creative energy bursting from the place – just how we like it. It’s been a slow and steady return to exhibitions and public events in the space. I’m making a conscious separation of the underground ARTspace, and Red Olive Studios this year, which will culminate with a website launch and corresponding Exhibition of our featured Artists, ‘underground ARTspace HAND PICKED’ which we’re really excited about. Further to that a few of us ARTspacers are in the Early stages of planning a Product Launch – which is perhaps the most exciting part about managing the ARTspace – witnessing the ideas that come out of it, and the growth and transformations that happen there. So many ideas have been conceived and born, and ultimately introduced to you. There’s been a real shift, and as always change can be wonderful.

One of those was an idea from yours truly born in a hospital bed and bought to fruition with my good friend and family member, Emma Rush. ‘Loobylou – candles with conscience’ has been long in the planning, but we had to be confident we were bringing you something truly wonderful. I’m attaching more info for those interested – but it was important to Emma and I that we created a product that actually lived up to what it said it was, at a price point that made it accessible. Too often candles are promoted as being Environmentally aware, thoughtful, and the like – and then they come with so much packaging which looks pretty for thirty seconds – before it (hopefully) hits the recycling bin. Too often someone actually will have a great candle, but package it in cheap glass which splits or overheats and ruins your furniture. Too often inferior candles with inferior materials are bought in from China – then marketed as Australian Made – What the?. Oh, and my personal favourite – ‘organic’ or ‘pure’ candles filled with more Emulsifiers and stabilisers than there is fragrance! Our candles are not 100% essential oil (we have created our own blends) but a mixture of essential and high quality fragrance. Our wax is pure organic Soy wax (food grade) and our wicks are cotton with no lead or harmful chemicals. The jars are thick strong pharmaceutical glass which retains the heat better than any other candle I’ve ever burned, and the re-use options are endless. Our candles are about the experience, the time you set aside when you burn a candle – and each fragrance features a quote or creed we try to apply in everyday life. Our candles are about contributing to thoughtfulness, both for the Environment and your homes – because, above all else – they smell AMAZING!!! And we are 100% Australian made – as in the first few batches were poured in our kitchens until we could set up in the ARTspace. The website will be launched before the end of the week, but if you want to know more it currently re-directs to our online shopping site

Loobylou is taking a very public step forward by having a stand at the fabulous H.E.A.L Network event, the Healthy Happy Family Expo’ next weekend in North Balgowlah. I’m attaching the invitation, and strongly urge you to come along and support this wonderful event. Bring along your open mind, and there’s something for everyone! We’re really proud to be invited to take part in this event.

So much to say, so little time. Stay in touch though …I miss your faces.


xxx  Kere + the Red Olive rangers

but wait folks, there’s more…


+ + + 

Available online NOW.  Enjoy! x

A NEW RANGE from Red Olive. A selections of various bottles, some new, some vintage- 
but ALL uber cool.
Use as a bud/succulent vase, tie it to a tree for a hanging decoration, 
group together for a talking piece at the table, whatever your hearts desire...
A sweeeet little gift, designed to delight + inspire. 

From my heart, to yours, to theirs..



THREE LITTLE BIRDS Art Auction for Kere



Well, it’s coming up a year ago since this AMAZING incredible and generous fundraiser took place. What was supposed to be the beginning of a period of healing, was the start of a relapse, and all the thanking, promoting, marketing for this incredible event just didn’t happen. 

Now, I’ve FINALLY gotten all the works online, on the new ARTspace website which we’re about to launch – but here’s a sneak peak! Let the gratitude begin. x


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