After more than 13 years in Geringong designing and creating bespoke pieces of furniture, Art + Soul Furniture is having aCLEARING SALE on Saturday 23rd AND Sunday 24th March 2013. 9am @ The Gerringong Dairy Co-Op  18 Belinda Street, Gerringong.Image

On offer will be a range of recycled timber, woodworking tools and machinery, hardward, work benches, wooden foundry patterns, industrial and railway antiques, old furniture and many other items.

I’ve set this invitation up for a couple of reasons…

1) Pete was one top bloke, and a genius at what he did. I met him at a time when I was still studying Design/Decoration and I was a little jaded by the … industry, and those within it. Then I met Pete on a random road trip down south, and found absolute legend in his field. Pete’s to this day is my favourite restorer and designer. My friends/ex clients will recognise some of his wares from my home and shops. My big industrial coffee table – the old railway trolley many of you would wheel out of my home if my back was turned, my business card holder sanding planes, some of the industrial signs I used to feature – I’ve lost count. Pete didn’t believe in hiding the scars and layers of time, he accentuated them – his work told a story. I clearly recall being there one day and he has this huge Sewing table from the Country Woman Assoc. full of tiny little scratches from the tiny needles hitting the table. His eyes would shine when he spoke of the history of each piece. He knew he was working with treasure, and he treated his work as the prize that it was. This is my way of tipping my hat to a true craftsman, and a true professional.

2) My friends know that Pete passed away in October of last year. He left behind 3 sons who he loved even more than all the furniture in the world, a loved dog, a family/friends and a space filled with treasure. Without Pete, there’s not really much ‘Art + Soul’ and a lot of this will be offered in this clearance sale. This is it folks, your chance to come find treasures…This is the sort of stuff that you proudly tell stories of, marvel over the craftsmanship and hand down for generations to come. This is lifetime stuff, family heirloom stuff – with equal parts rough edges and perfect detailing, a little like Pete….

Hope to see you there.. x