Long time no hear folks – I hope you all had a wonderful colourful Christmas and New Years.

 We’re in the Chinese year of the snake again – a BIG year for creativity and learning of all kinds. I can’t wait to see what amazing works will be created this year. Interestingly my daughter and I are not only both Snakes, we’re both Fire Snakes at that! Has always made for an ‘interesting’ family dynamic…And Valentines Day Thursday. I’m always amused by peoples take on Valentines and I find a lot of people for or against. I’m Pro-Valentine. I kind of think it’s nice to have a day where you pause, be grateful and appreciate your loved ones.


Lot’s of building and learning and planning from this end last year. A year of working out what to focus on, and what ideas to let go of. Often people think it’s wonderful having a head full of ides – but in can actually be a pain in the butt at times. We’re almost at max. again in the ARTspace which is nice. Lot’s of wonderful creative energy bursting from the place – just how we like it. It’s been a slow and steady return to exhibitions and public events in the space. I’m making a conscious separation of the underground ARTspace, and Red Olive Studios this year, which will culminate with a website launch and corresponding Exhibition of our featured Artists, ‘underground ARTspace HAND PICKED’ which we’re really excited about. Further to that a few of us ARTspacers are in the Early stages of planning a Product Launch – which is perhaps the most exciting part about managing the ARTspace – witnessing the ideas that come out of it, and the growth and transformations that happen there. So many ideas have been conceived and born, and ultimately introduced to you. There’s been a real shift, and as always change can be wonderful.

One of those was an idea from yours truly born in a hospital bed and bought to fruition with my good friend and family member, Emma Rush. ‘Loobylou – candles with conscience’ has been long in the planning, but we had to be confident we were bringing you something truly wonderful. I’m attaching more info for those interested – but it was important to Emma and I that we created a product that actually lived up to what it said it was, at a price point that made it accessible. Too often candles are promoted as being Environmentally aware, thoughtful, and the like – and then they come with so much packaging which looks pretty for thirty seconds – before it (hopefully) hits the recycling bin. Too often someone actually will have a great candle, but package it in cheap glass which splits or overheats and ruins your furniture. Too often inferior candles with inferior materials are bought in from China – then marketed as Australian Made – What the?. Oh, and my personal favourite – ‘organic’ or ‘pure’ candles filled with more Emulsifiers and stabilisers than there is fragrance! Our candles are not 100% essential oil (we have created our own blends) but a mixture of essential and high quality fragrance. Our wax is pure organic Soy wax (food grade) and our wicks are cotton with no lead or harmful chemicals. The jars are thick strong pharmaceutical glass which retains the heat better than any other candle I’ve ever burned, and the re-use options are endless. Our candles are about the experience, the time you set aside when you burn a candle – and each fragrance features a quote or creed we try to apply in everyday life. Our candles are about contributing to thoughtfulness, both for the Environment and your homes – because, above all else – they smell AMAZING!!! And we are 100% Australian made – as in the first few batches were poured in our kitchens until we could set up in the ARTspace. The website will be launched before the end of the week, but if you want to know more it currently re-directs to our online shopping site www.loobylou.com.au

Loobylou is taking a very public step forward by having a stand at the fabulous H.E.A.L Network event, the Healthy Happy Family Expo’ next weekend in North Balgowlah. I’m attaching the invitation, and strongly urge you to come along and support this wonderful event. Bring along your open mind, and there’s something for everyone! We’re really proud to be invited to take part in this event.

So much to say, so little time. Stay in touch though …I miss your faces.


xxx  Kere + the Red Olive rangers